Company Introduce

        QILOO is  an  international  innovative  company  integrating  R & D,  production  and sale.  It has focused on  the

 construction of brand internationalization and international market expansion since  its  establishment  in  December 

 2004, mainly selling and promoting the fashion, leisure and sports shoes and clothing  of QILOO International Brand.

        QILOO International Brand, on  the  premise  of  international vision, creates an  all-round  brand  operation  and 

management system with brand licensing as the core by integrating the upstream and downstream resources based 

follow-upon  itsadvanced  international   market   operation   principle,   high   reputation,  improved  brand  licensing 

system  and  value-added  services.  Meanwhile,  it  carries  out  ongoing  international  brand  promotion  by internet 

channels,TV videos, magazines and other advertising media and major exhibitions in the world, etc.

       Up to now, QILOO International Brand not only successfully obtains the ownership of  trademark  of  92  member

states of Madrid Protocol of WIPO, but also creates a large international sales network in 23  countries  and  regions, 

with brand value and brand reputation increasing with each passing  day;  QILOO  International  Brand  will  sincerely 

cooperate with people with lofty ideals at home and abroad for a win-win situation, and create a rosy future with all 

franchised shops of QILOO International Brand!