Company History

◎ Dec.2004   The QILOO company be establised by Kevin Lin.
◎ May.2005   The brand "QILOO" be registered in WIPO , also got the brand area protection from other contries in South   
                        America , Asia , Africa which not the member of WIPO.
◎ During 2005-2007  QILOO company develop sucessed to 21 markets in Europe, America and other regions.
◎ Dec.2008   QILOO company pass the Quality Management system Certification ISO9001:2008.
◎ Mar.2009   QILOO company pass the Environment Management System Certification:ISO14001:2004 and Occupation 
                        Health ManagementSystem Certification:OHSAS18001.In the same year, QILOO company win the title of   
                        "Large Foreign Exchange " in Fujian province.

In 2010       In2010,QILOO company won the "Key Enterprises" title. In the same year ,"QILOO" Brand loading sucessed 
                       in Chinese

In 2011         In2011,QILOO company win the title of "Well-known Brand in Quanzhou" and "Famous Trademark in Fujian

◎ During 2011-2013    QILOO company have the honour to win the title of "The Key International Brand to Cultivate and
                                      Develop by Foreign Trade Department of Fujian province".

In 2013         QILOO company be awarded to " Demostration Enterprise" and "Frequently to Build Units".